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File Your Tax Return 2023 FBR

File your tax return 2023 FBR otherwise sim will be block by 15th May 2024

To boost tax compliance, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issued an Income Tax General Order (ITGO) for people not on the active taxpayer list but required to file tax returns for 2023. Under section 114B of the Income Tax Ordinance, FBR acted decisively by disabling SIM cards linked to 506,671 individuals in this category. These steps aim to prompt tax compliance and support economic growth.File your tax return 2023 FBR

Key points of the Income Tax General Order (ITGO) are:

  1. Disabling Mobile Phone SIMs: SIM cards linked to specified individuals’ CNIC will be blocked until restored by the FBR or the relevant tax authority.
  2. Immediate Effect: The ITGO will be enforced immediately by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and all telecom operators to ensure swift implementation.
  3. Compliance Reporting: Telecom operators are required to submit a compliance report to the FBR by May 15, 2024, ensuring transparency and accountability in the enforcement process.

File your tax return 2023 FBR as soon as possible.If you need any help Astro Associates will file your tax retrun.

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